You have two possibilities to go by public Bus from/to Tirana International to the North / South coach Terminal. 

1. sceduled coach from LUNA travel which departs every full hour (24 hours) to the city center of Tirana. Price will be 400 LEK (ca. € 4.-) payable during the trip. When you will pass the duty control, head left and at the end of the parking area, you will find the coaches. You have to tell the driver BEFORE you board the coach, that he should drop you off at North / South Coach Terminal. In fact you will be dropped of in front of Casa Italia Shopping centre and have to walk under the highway to the other side, where you find the coaches departing from North / South coach Terminal.

pic up point to North South Coach Terminal

2. You can choose the local coaches from the line Fushe Kruje to Tirana North South Coach Terminal, which operate every day from 06.15 til 17.15 (every hour) and will cost you only 200 LEK (ca. € 2.-) per person. When you leave the airport building turn right to the Best Western Hotel. On the other side wait in front of the small Pizzeria. Since there is no proper bus station you have to watch out for the coach (see pictures its eigther the red or white coach) and give him a sign that you want to join. The departure is approx. 15 minutes after the full hour (06.15 / 07.15 etc. until 17.15)! Depending on traffic it can be 5 minutes early or sometimes up to 10 minutes later. 

coach Tirana airport to North South Coach Terminal

FROM North / South coach terminal you have only only the local coach to Fushe Kruje to Tirana International airport. The coach from LUNA will not leave the highway and stop there. The coaches depart from 06.00 til 18.00 every full hour and cost 200 LEK (ca. 2 Euro) payable during the trip. Please look for the red or white coach with the sign Tirana-Rinas-F.Kruje (since there are as well direct coaches to F.Kruje which are NOT travelling via the airport